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Explore the magic of mosaic art!

The Glass Act Mosaics (GLAM) Collective is a group of Sacramento artists who enjoy getting together to promote the 
art of mosaics, while supporting and elevating each other's creativity. In addition, we find time to enjoy special occasions 
to display our art.

Christmas Holiday Art Sale!
Please see our Exhibit Page 


We work with glass, tile, jewelry, shells, beads, and more, applied to a variety of objects and surfaces -- and magically transform these materials into beautifully hand-crafted works of art. Here's a sentiment from one of our members that probably speaks for all of us

Newcomers welcome! Skill levels range from beginner to expert, and designs can be simple or elaborate. During each weekly Studio session, GLAM members apply their talent and techniques to create pieces that are beautiful and unique


See Tips & Tricks for helpful suggestions on working with mosaics. 
Visit our Gallery or
Exhibits pages to view mosaics for sale.

Click on each Artist listed from the main menu to see our unique styles.  
Enjoy a meal at 3 Hermanas Restauarant and check out The Great Wall of Mosaics


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