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A very special celebration!

The GLAM Members are not just fellow artists. We enjoy getting together to celebrate members' birthdays with monthly pot-lucks at the studio, or luncheons at new venues to initiate exhibit openings. 

For one of our celebrations we transformed the GLAM studio to honor a long-time member and dear friend with a Surprise Tea Party Gala to celebrate Rosie's 81st birthday!!

Everyone dressed up, adorned with hats & gloves! We decorated with our own table settings, fancy teapots & teacups, along with an amazing assortment of scrumptious edibles. When Rosie arrived she was completely surprised. Her immediate family was invited to share in the festivities. We all had a great time!


As the photos below show, it was a VERY special occasion!!. (Click on any image to enlarge it.)   

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