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GLAM studio

Create your own masterpiece!


Sierra 2 Community Center
Room 11

2791 24th Street, Sacramento


See Covid schedule below
Every Tuesday

Open workshop

12:00 - 3:00 pm


$40 per month / $12 drop-ins

(includes basic tools & materials)

Studio time is spent working on individual projects, sharing ideas and techniques, and offering support and assistance in a creative and friendly environment. Whether you're new to mosaics or skilled in the techniques, we invite you to visit our open studio and join the GLAM Collective.


Each session is a 3-hour workshop. Basic tools and materials are available on site, or you can bring your own. Steps to complete a mosaics project include cutting, gluing, grouting, and sealing. On average, it takes about three to four sessions from start to finish depending on size and complexity.


Tips & Tricks — Let us know if you have suggestions to add.

  • Grout can make or break your mosaic.  But it's fun wiping it off watching the beauty of your art unfold. Choosing the color is critical. Grout color should pull everything together and not interfere with the design. Use sanded grout with polymers to strengthen your mosaic. White grout is great for areas that you want to keep bright. However, any errors you make are accentuated by white. Black works well when you use lots of bright colors in a mosaic but it can also overpower your piece. Gray is always a safe choice. If you are unsure, sprinkle some dry grout powder into your mosaicAfter you decide, you can then brush it out.  When you mix grout, start with a tiny amount of water in the bottom of your container, slowly add the powder. A little water goes a long way! Keep adding both until you obtain a "peanut butter" consistency. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes so the chemicals will have time to work.

  • Delicate Pieces, such as jewels, seeds, etc., can add a special dimension to mosaics, but they can be difficult to grout. One solution is to grout the major pieces or sections first, if possible, and then add the the delicate elements.

  • Specialty Tiles and Colored Mirrors can be difficult to find. We recommend ShiningEyeArts via Etsy. They offer a variety of materials and excellent customer service. (Free shipping for order $35 or more.)

  • ​Use Nippers for Complex Shapes — Here's a link to a helpful video (from IC Mosaics).l

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